​​AfricaConnect Testimonials

A view of AfricaConnect from its stakeholders

The AfricaConnect project brings together a number of stakeholder partners and institutions including, but not limited to, regional and national Research and Education Networks, not-for-profit organisations and African research communities. For the list of partner organisations please click here

To see what various stakeholders have to say about AfricaConnect, please read on: 

Dibungi T. Kalenda,  CEO of eb@le, Director of UbuntuNet Alliance, President of NAPRECA DR Congo (Natural Products Research Network for Eastern and Central Africa) 
"With the arrival of AfricaConnect, all researchers working on medicinal plants in Sub-Saharan African countries, members of NAPRECA, will be connected to each other as well as with their colleagues throughout the world; they will build a virtual community, share resources and collaborate in a clever way to speed up the phytomedicines discovery through grid computing."

Honourable Eunice Kazembe, Malawi’s Minister of Education, Science and Technology
“We have remote access to powerful computers and so"With the opportunities offered by the AfricaConnect project, this unique regional network transforms our higher education and research, with collaboration being at its core. Access to higher education is expanded. Participation in high-level scientific projects and teams are so much easier. Medical research and healthcare delivery are enhanced."

Tiwonge Msulira Banda, Finance and Administration Manager, UbuntuNet Alliance 
"The AfricaConnect network and corresponding e-infrastructures are going to transform the way research and service delivery are conducted in the region. I can’t wait to see African researchers and scientists collaborate in tackling problems in a new way in addressing them. I am proud to be part of the team."

Margaret Ngwira, Head of Secretariat, UbuntuNet Alliance 
"The UbuntuNet Alliance team anticipates the implementation of AfricaConnect with excitement and satisfaction. The disciplines of Agriculture and Health have been central to most of my career as a Librarian. Research quality and output in these disciplines in this beautiful region will be transformed as the network rolls out. Equally significant will be the impact on the students."

Natalie Keuroghlian, Regional Marketing Officer, DANTE 
"The AfricaConnect project feels momentous, since African researchers will for the first time be able to exploit high-bandwidth technology to collaborate effectively with their regional and international counterparts, in important fields such as food security, climate change mitigation, telemedicine and education."

Vera Brenda Ngosi, Director of Human Resources, Science and Technology at the African Union Commission (AUC)
“The vision of the African Union is for a peaceful, integrated, prosperous Africa, driven by its own citizens to take up its rightful place in the global community. Infrastructure development including e-infrastructures plays an important role in attaining the African Union vision: this brings Access to SUCCESS!"
Dr. Chisomo Msefula, Lecturer, Research Scientist - Pathology Department and Malawi-Liverpool-Wellcome Trust, College of Medicine.
“We have remote access to powerful computers and software at the Sanger Institute which enables us to perform the genomic sequence data analysis. But this access can sometimes be hampered by slow internet connectivity. A high-speed internet connection is key to a quick understanding of the genetic diversity of non-Typhoidal Salmonella strains, which contributes to efforts to develop a vaccine. Our ability to react to and understand new disease dynamics can be transformed by the AfricaConnect initiative.”