Dr. Iman Abuel Maaly Abdelrahman - CEO, Administration of Information Technology and Networks, Univ​ersity of Khartoum

AfricaConnect News | 28 November 2010

Imagine.  The Africa of tomorrow, where its green trees and grass, bright clouds, and singing birds mirror its comprehensive peace.
Imagine,  A land of peace where every Africa experience human security; and thereby  participate effectively in making it  a unified continent that contribute to the  welfare and safety of  the world.
Imagine,  A flourishing and growing industrial and economic environment driven by the  novelty, innovation and creativity of African  graduates  and researchers (1)
Achieving peace, stability and development across the African continent has been a challenge for many years.  But it will never be tackled in the right way unless we give education and research more attention and focus.  Nowadays, reliable and affordable research and education networks are vital and fundamental tools for development.  That is why we are gathering here in this UbuntuNet -Connect Conference. 
We, in UbuntuNet Alliance are creating the future of Research and Education Networking in Africa.  We own this challenge as Africans.  We must and we shall address it.  
We started with a dream and worked together for a few years to make it comes true. 
Today, we are proud to declare, “Rolling out the Regional Infrastructure: From dreams to achievement”, that we are creating the future of Africa.

1. Quoted from Selamta, the in-flight magazine of Ethiopian Airlines​