The AfricaConnect project aims to establish a high-capacity Internet network for research and education in Southern and Eastern Africa to provide the region with a gateway to global research collaboration.

Within the framework of the Africa Caribbean Pacific Islands ( ACP) programme, and as part of the EU-Africa strategy developed by the EC and the African Union Commission(AUC),  AfricaConnect builds on the roadmap prepared by the FEAST study. 

The AfricaConnect project has a total budget of €14.75m, with 80% of the funding provided by the EDF (European Development Fund) following an agreement between the ACP secretariat and the EC, and the remaining funding has been contributed by the Southern and Eastern African NRENs wishing to participate in the project. The project will last four years and will consist of two phases, the first of which is to plan and procure the network, followed by an operational phase to start in year 2 of the project.

Thanks to the interconnection with its pan-European counterpart GÉANT, AfricaConnect will allow researchers, educators and students across the region not only to collaborate among themselves but also to engage in exciting joint projects with their peers in Europe and in other parts of the world.​​